Lulu Powers From Food To Flowers

If you’re like most people, you probably love the idea of entertaining. Your friends bathed in candlelight, laughing and clinking martini glasses while they marvel at your impeccable taste, divine table settings, your exquisite canapes, perfect playlist and uber-cool ambience… Right up to the part where you actually have to pull it all off. Suddenly it can seem overwhelming and super expensive.

And that’s exactly where Lulu Powers From Food To Flowers steps in.

Lulu Powers is a private chef and premier party planner and caterer to the creme of the Hollywood A-List. Celebrities from Madonna to Will Smith, from Leonardo di Caprio to President Bill Clinton all call on Lulu to bring her brand of entertaining to their parties and events, investing every detail from food to decor with her distinctive personality and sparkle.

Now Lulu has released her book Lulu Powers From Food To Flowers – literally encompassing everything you need, from food to flowers, to pull off the perfect party, soiree, picnic, lunch fete, making party planning (not just party going) fun and exciting.

Lulu’s theory is that a hostess should enjoy her party every bit as much as her guests do. And Lulu’s parties can be anything from a Coffee and Newspaper get together on a Sunday morning, to a Winter Picnic on a Saturday afternoon, a Big City Cocktail Party on a Friday night to a Dinner Party On The Fly for any night of the week.
For Lulu its all about living in the moment. In Lulu Powers From Food To Flowers she shares simple yet divine recipes, checklists to keep it all flowing smoothly, fabulous drinks and chic and stylish decor ideas that let you turn any moment into a fun celebration.

The book is organized into morning, afternoon and evening sections, as well as sections packed with her entertaining secrets such as a Pre Party Timeline, The Complete Party Pantry List(with everything you need for last minute entertaining), A guide To Stocking Your Bar, Cocktail Hour Music, and Party 911 (to prevent party disasters!). There’s even a Guide to Manly Drinks to lead you through the intricacies of Cognacs and Whiskeys and other manly man drinks!           

Lulu Powers From Food To Flowers is beautifully laid out, easy to follow and reference back to, and deliciously photographed.
Whether you are like me and love to entertain, so use this book for fun and fabulous ideas to make yourself look completely fantastic, or whether you are new to entertaining and use it as a guide to pull you through any event from a brunch to a rehearsal dinner with panache and aplomb, this book is a must.

It makes a gorgeous holiday gift, hostess gift, anything gift. Its also lovely to buy for yourself and browse through while savoring your morning coffee!

This weekend for brunch I’ll be serving up Lulu’s Wild Mushroom Risotto Cakes, Grilled Sweet & Spicy Shrimp with Mint Cilantro Dipping Sauce, and Lahmajoons paired with her Bloody Marys…

Meet Lulu:
Lulu Powers Food to Flowers from Lulu Powers on Vimeo.

Find Lulu Powers From Food To Flowers here

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