The New Years Eve Outfit

What to wear on New Years Eve???

I’m a little bit over the LBD at the moment, but I found this slice of fabulosity on one of my absolute favorite blogs, The Man Repeller

Its a palazzo pant body suit by the one and only Stella McCartney Isn’t it gorgeous??? What more could a girl want? Well, shoes of course!

 How about 4.7 inches of love courtesy of
Jimmy Choo Glenys in black?
Its got the height to manoeuvre the palazzo pant,
is simple enough to not compete with the fabric
but still is stylish and modern, and you can stand in it for hours

The hairdo will have to go up in order to work the neckline of the pantsuit, and a jewelry free throat will emphasize the shoulders, neck and collar bone, so something lovely has to happen on the ears

Aren’t they delicieux??
Then theres the makeup. I like a big dark smoky eye, with a super shimmer over top.

something like this, but with very groomed brows, big lashes, and really blended out through the top so that you don’t see those harsh lines where the shadow stops.
A little champagne shimmer in the inner corner will brighten the eye and liven it up a little too.

Maybe more like this… (shot by Kelly Cappelli at Studio 5)

To finish it off, I would use a lipgloss from

Maui is the softest of pink glosses, a mere whisper of color, perfect for a paired down lip, or, because it is afterall party night, the dynamic red gloss Cabo.
Whats extra cool about Cabo is that you get a true color pay off, but because its a gloss, its just a hint of color, and won’t compete with a big eye. It has enough blue underneath it that your teeth look superwhite, and your mouth looks fresh and lovely.

Voila! Sounds like a plan!

Happy New Year!!!

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