How To Fix Chapped Lips

No, you didn’t imagine it – your lips really have become more chapped over the winter! As the air’s moisture levels plummet, the water in your skin is drawn out, and as a result you get tiny fissures, or cracks in your lips that can be both painful and hard to heal.

The first step on the road to recovering smooth, healed lips is via lip balm. Lip balm needs to be worn and reapplied all day everyday, and applied before bed each night.

EOS Evolution Of Smooth Lip Balm

Avoid longwear lipsticks, and drying matte formulations, instead choose extra moisturizing lip formulas, or utilize a great lip pencil paired with a quality balm such as Burts Bees.

Look for lip balms with ingredients such as petrolatum, shea butter, dimethicone, and hyaluronic acid to restore moisture.
Preferably choose a formulation that is viscous rather than waxy so that the active ingredients can penetrate the cracks in the lips. (if you’re going to be out in cold weather, waxy formulations can help protect the lips from chapping.)
If you have severely chapped lips look for a formula that contains ceramides, which are proven to help restore the skin’s barrier.

If your lips are sensitive or extra sore, avoid balms that contain known irritants such as lanolin, or those that are scented or flavored (especially cinnamon, which can be extra irritating).

As much as possible avoid licking your lips. It temporarily makes them feel better, but ultimately makes things worse.
Toothpaste can make things worse too. Avoid getting toothpaste on your lips (as much as you can), rinse them off after brushing your teeth, and apply lip balm.

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