Single Girl’s Survival Guide

A couple of my girlfriends have recently gone through completely devastating break ups.
You know, the kind where you can barely get out of bed in the morning, you just don’t know how you’ll ever live through it, the ones that leave your soul bleeding.
You know how bad that feels.
And if you don’t, then you either haven’t lived enough yet, or haven’t ever loved hard enough.

Anyhoo, I also have a bunch of girlfriends who are single. (some of the most ‘single’ girls I know are married, but that’s another story), and the common thread seems to be a dread of facing Valentines Day alone.
As such I decided to create the Single Girl’s Survival Guide To Valentines Day.
Its a simple day by day plan to get you through this week.


One of the best distractions is to change up your look. Do something you’ve always wanted to, but never tried. Go against the grain and try a look you never did before, because his lordship didn’t like it.
Live a little.
Here are some ideas for you:

1.) Change your brows
A simple change in your eyebrows is the easiest way to completely revitalize your look.
Find a brow specialist in your town, and if nothing else have a consultation. A brow expert will reshape and re-groom your brows to optimize the shape not only of your eyes, but your entire face.
Sometimes even just tinting your brows to their perfect shade is all you need to make your eyes look wide awake and vital.

2.) Try Injectables

This one comes with a caution.
Some of the most spectacular faces I ever work with have been artistically enhanced with a needle here and another there… Anything from knocking out a few wrinkles, to filling in marionette lines, the change injectables can bring to a face are nothing short of amazing. The caution comes in your choice of administrator – really, really do your research, and find a doctor who’s work is spectacular, and who will leave movement and expression in your face. (you don’t want to be walking around for the next 3 months with a perpetually freaked out look on your face!) And don’t go doing anything too drastic…
The one that I would absolutely love to try (but am far too scared to) is under eye filler. When performed by an absolute genius this is quite possibly the most drastically fabulous thing you can do. Most doctors won’t go near it though, which to me, is warning enough.

Celebrity hairstylist Kim Vo, looking gorgeous!

3.) Change Your Hair
 Not a drastic change though. Do something subtle. A softly side swept fringe is totally alluring. Add some highlights and low lights to create new dimension to an already fabulous cut, or maybe splurge on a truly fabulous cut from a bona fide hair savant.
Depression somehow isn’t quite so depressing when you look great (and know it)

4.)Try A New Foundation
There are some truly gorgeous new formulations on the market, designed to make your skin look luminous and radiant. When your foundation is fabulous, the rest of your makeup follows suit, whereas you can do the absolute most sensational eyes ever, but if your base looks icky, your whole look suffers.
If there is a Sephora near where you live, go have them find a good foundation fit for you, have them put it on you and walk around in it all day before you buy it. You don’t need any more remorse in your life right now, especially not buyer’s remorse…

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5.) Try Something Bold

Try out one of the new season’s bold lip colors.
My absolute favorites at the moment are MAC Something New and Cover Girl Spellbound. Both are hot, vibrant, exciting fuchsia. They instantly make you look a live and
vibrant, make your teeth look white, and are so totally pretty.

Just make sure that whatever you, you do it for all the right reasons. Do it 100% for you, and you alone

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  1. Jeannie Gibson
    February 8, 2011 / 11:08 pm

    Love it, keep it up lady! We single gals need it!

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