Chantecaille Faux Cils Fabulous!

When spring arrives its time to retool your makeup look.

The heavier eye makeup that we wear through the colder, darker months gives way to a fresher, lighter look.
But this can leave you feeling very bare, so you need a couple of tricks up your sleeve to make your eye look vibrant and alive.

Lately I’ve been doing two new things.
The first is using Ellis Faas milky eyeshadow pen in shade E109. This is a beautiful vanilla shade with a slight shimmer to it. It wakes the eye up (I am sooo sleep deprived right now with the manic shoot schedule I’ve been on of late), especially when you add some into the inner corner of the eye, its soft and light, and it gives the eye a very fresh feel.And it stays on all day and night.

Secondly, its all about my new mascara.  
Faux Cils by Chantecaille.

This is one of the most fabulous mascaras I’ve ever used.
This is a high performance, super volumizing mascara that instantly lengthens and thickens without clumping.
The formula itself is loaded with treatment, so you are building a healthier, more lusterous lash.

Faux Cils combines a unique full bristle, amplifying brush, an exceptionally efficient wiper that prevents clumping, and a high performance formula that is lightweight and sleek, stays on all day and night, defines lashes, enhances elasticity (so they don’t look brittle), and is water resistant.

Faux Cils (french for false lashes)  gives you such an amazing fan of full, gorgeous lashes that they could actually pass as false lashes!

When you are paring down your eye makeup for spring, the biggest, most fabulous effect you can attain is a full, lush row of sexy lashes. It brings attention and drama to the eye without weighing it down.
Faux Cils gives a girl all the drama she could possibly want.

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