Tired Eye Relief

Today I am really dragging my tail feathers after several very long days in a row on shoots. I’ve got many more days before the next day off, so the issue becomes how to you arrive on set looking fresh faced, and not looking exhausted?
Turns out I have a few tricks up my sleeve, the first of which you need to know about quickly, as it is a limited edition product.

You’ve heard me talk about skynICELAND products before.

This is one of my all time favorite product lines, as it is the only skin care line designed to treat the effects of stress on the skin. That’s all they are about – Solutions for stressed skin.

And who has stressed skin?

These days pretty much anyone living in a city or busy town, anyone exposed to environmental pollutants (which is essentially all of us!) anyone who is tired, over worked, sits in front of a computer all day, has life-stuff to deal with – basically everyone.

The first place we see stress or exhaustion on the face is the eye area.

image courtesy of livestrong.com

Anything from puffiness, wrinkles, dehydration, dark circles, dulled skin, lifeless appearance.
The under eye area is where you can either save your look, or where you lose the game entirely.

skynICELAND has a limited edition product called the Icelandic Relief Eye Pen.

Its their best selling eye cream in a travel friendly pen.

You can apply it morning and night, but you can also throw it in your handbag for quick fixes throughout the day for on-the-go relief from the damaging effects of stress.

It goes after the 3 major eye issues associated with stress related oxygen and nutrient depletion: puffiness, the wrinkled/dehydrated skin and the under eye dark circles.
It provides instant aid as well as a (very much welcomed) cooling sensation.

You can apply it over makeup as needed through out the day, as it is residue free, and won’t smear your concealer or eye makeup.

The convenient pen is perfect for travel (a lifesaver with you on long flights, so you can arrive looking fresh eyed and pretty!), great to have with you on long work days, days with big meetings, days where you are going out after work, awesome for brides, perfect for honeymoons – the list goes on…

They’re not expensive either.

As this is a limited edition, you may want to pick up a few. I certainly am…

Get skynICELAND products at Sephora or at skynICELAND.com

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