skyn ICELAND Detox Kit

I’ve been writing about them a lot lately, because skyn ICELAND is fast becoming one of my favorite skin care lines.
Skyn ICELAND is all about solutions for stressed skin, and essentially all of us fall into the stressed category.

Late for work? Idiot boss? Not sleeping enough? Traveling? Getting married? (Already married?) Not enough sunshine? Too much sunshine? Hectic commute? Boyfriend issues?… The list goes on and on, tons of reasons why a girl might be stressed, or why her skin might be suffering.

skyn ICELAND has a limited edition trial size of their fabulous Detox Kit available, and you need to get it quickly before they all sell out.

The skyn ICELAND Detox Kit gives your stressed skin a fighting chance with four products that work in harmony to turn your skin around so that it emerges fresh, clear, soft and glowing.

Inside the kit are the following:

 Glacial Face Wash
Glacial Face Wash helps relieve bumps, breakouts and irritation due to stress-related increases in hormone levels and oil production. Formulated with the purest Icelandic glacial waters and beneficial botanicals, this creamy, foaming cleanser is exceedingly mild, so it detoxifies and purifies without stripping skin of its natural moisture. Skin’s harmony, balance and glow are restored.

 Arctic Face Mist

Has your frantic lifestyle led to a surge in stress-related hormones and histamines? If so, your skin may be irritated, exhausted and depleted of vital hydration and nutrients. You need relief and protection against future damage — and you need it fast.
Newly reformulated, dye-free Arctic Face Mist instantly helps calm and stabilize irritable, depleted skin with a cooling burst of natural mineral water, while fortifying it against the aging effects of free radicals and environmental stress. Powerful antioxidants and a daily dose of multivitamins for skin help energize and replenish for a radiant, healthy glow.
Perfect to spritz on travel weary skin during long flights!

The ANTIDOTE – Quenching Daily Lotion

The ANTIDOTE Quenching Daily Lotion is a lightweight hydrating lotion for chronically stressed skin. It goes on with a cooling burst to decongest, detoxify and stabilize skin, returning it to its natural fresh and healthy state. With daily use, skin is fortified and protected from the ravages of stress.

Oxygen Infusion Night Cream
Oxygen Infusion Night Cream helps replenish what stress has depleted.

Stressed-out skin can be depleted, dull, irritated, flaky, bumpy, angry, broken-out and congested.
Oxygen Infusion Night Cream is a gentle emollient formula infused with natural extracts and nurturing bioactive elements. Micro-encapsulated oxygen fortifies and energizes skin, restoring tone and texture to optimal levels. Designed to work with skin’s natural renewal process, it transforms skin on the verge of a nervous breakdown to the translucent, glowing, fresh skin you crave.

These kits are fantastic to travel with, both on long haul international flights, to help you arrive looking fresh and radiant, as well as on shorter domestic flights, where your skin still takes a dehydrating, stress induced beating. The trial size detox kit is perfect to take on board with you, and even arrives in a see through pouch, ideal for they x-ray security scan.
They are the perfect gift for a bride leading up to her wedding day, or for a bride venturing out on her honeymoon, needing to decompress and sooth her skin along the way.

Actually, they are pretty much perfect for any of us making our way through a frequently stressful, environmentally polluted life.


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