Spring Fashion in Florence – La Trenchiata!

I just spent some super quality time in Firenze, and decided that while I was there I’d find you some fashion statements.

Firstly I have to say that every time I set foot in Europe I am blown away by the care, attention and pride that the average woman takes in her appearance, even when you get out of the main fashion metropolis into the smaller towns and villages. 

The women there turn it on.

But back to Florence.

There was one striking trend that crowned them all, 

and that was the divine, chic, timeless, ubiquitous trench.

in many colours

 styles and shapes

zipped up the back

 youthful in blue

ever present

effortless in beige with a white flat



 great with a simple jean and a pony.

la triumvirate, la trenchiata

perfect for a workday lunch break with the girls

perfect heading to a trattoria for lunch or to an expresso break.

Many fabrics


and leather!

I die I die I die!

The one that got away, the white leather trench I should have bought

at Toscany Pars on the Via dell’ Ariento in San Lorenzo.

How did I leave that one behind???

It now rules my most coveted list.

It owns it.

As much as I love my hot fuchsia trench, my life won’t be quite right until I have the white leather…


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