The Yellow Fruits of Spring

Feeling fruity this spring?

Spring/summer 2011 is the season of the yellow fruit.

Banana-rama at Prada

 …um… not so much?

 lemons at Stella McCartney

 Top to toe lemons are pretty difficult to wear off the runway,

but a chic cigarette pant, a Stella lemon top

sky high heels and a french twist

could be quite de rigeur.

I kinda love the citron dress too…

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney by *ladyfairy* featuring a silk print dress

Stella McCartney silk print dress
$2,695 –

Stella McCartney faux leather shoes
540 GBP –

Stella McCartney embossed handbag
785 GBP –

Stella blouse in Vogue Turkey

How do you feel about fruit?


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