Pack Your Bags – Its Travel Season!

Travel season is gloriously upon us once again, so the girl on the go has to start creating a plan for what to pack in order to look uber fab on vacation.

If she’s about to board a plane this summer, she needs an even better plan than before, as the cost of checking bags, and overweight baggage is higher than ever, cutting into both shopping dollars and valuable suitcase real estate to bring said shopping back home.


Lets tackle skin care first.

No matter how slick you are with a makeup brush, you’ll not be looking super sensational if your skin is hurting underneath, which means you need a door to door skincare roadmap.

I pack everything down into small, travel sized pots and bottles. The only full sized item I take is facial SPF.

I pack them into the clear removable bag inside my Stephanie Johnson ML Traveler cosmetic bag.

ML Traveler in Mumbai Buff

It snaps out and goes onboard with me, (the clear bag is perfect for airport security), then snaps back in when I get to my hotel.

Don’t do a long haul flight with makeup on if you can possibly do without it. Your foundation won’t be looking even partially decent when you land anyway, so either wear none, or take it off during the flight.

SkynICELAND Glacial Cleansing Cloths are super convenient to carry, and don’t need water to activate.

Also from skynICELAND I take a travel sized Arctic Face Mist. This is not only super refreshing when you’re up there in that stale, recirculating air, but its also choc full of vitamins and antioxidants.I spritz it on throughout the flight.

Your body loses a glass of water for each hour that you are cruising at 35 000 feet, so it stands to reason that your skin will get extra dehydrated when you fly, especially on long trips.
I carry an extra hydrating facial cream or lotion onboard with me. This past trip I used skynICELAND Oxygen Infusion Night Cream, which was in the detox kit I got a few weeks ago.

I have also used Cream de la Mer (when I can afford it) and Clarins Multi Active Day Cream.

Your eye area needs some inflight loving too. I swear by the skynICELAND Icelandic Relief Eye Pen. Its perfect for travel. (I also keep one in my handbag at home for touch ups when workdays get long)

Sound like I’m talking up a lot of skynICELAND??
skynICELAND is a line entirely devoted to solutions for stressed skin, perfect for the traveling girl, as just by getting on that plane, your skin is s.t.r.e.s.s.i.n.g.
Stressed out skin ages quickly and makes you look beat up and tired. Who needs that??
And for high speed results, you cannot beat their products.

When I land in whatever country I’ve just flown to, I get to my hotel and pull out one more slice of skynICELAND magic, multiples of which are in all my travel bags, my makeup cases, and are always instock in my bathroom cabinet for the serious intervention: Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels.

10 minutes with the eye gels on and you are converted from worn out into fabulous. The skin around your eyes is firmed, mega hydrated, and plumped up, making you look youthful (yay!), wide awake (even when you are jet lagged to the point of delirium), de-stressed, and makeup will glide on like a dream.

Jet lagged skin needs an extra boost of excitement to get it glowing, so I use Nickel Day Spa Morning After Rescue Gel.

This was originally designed for men to use when they had boogied too hard the night before a big work day, but its just as fantastic for the girl with places to go!
Full of boosters like menthol and caffeine, it quite literally wakes your skin up, and makes it look refreshed and vital.

(I always use this on clients for early morning breakfast TV appearances too. Its magic!)

If you’re going somewhere humid, make sure you pack a facial wash to cleanse with. A milky cleanser can compound the issues your skin will be fighting with extra oli production and sweat. Humid climes need lightweight moisturizers, in drier places your skin needs an extra moisture boost.

Lastly make sure you pack a mask to get you out of trouble. In humidity you may need a deep cleansing mask to keep you from breaking out, in dry climates you may need exfoliating and hydrating masks. If you can’t pick them up in trial sizes, pack them down into travel sized jars.

Bon Voyage!

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