The Red Bag

…and such was the POWER of the Handbag of Glory, that ladies wept when they saw it and those who TOUCHED it went straight to HEAVEN…

After the endless fun I had last season with my Russian Silver Fox (faux) fur bag from Rebirth Bags, I was at a loss for what to do for a replacement statement bag for the summer. The fur bag was becoming too hot to wear in the desert, but I wanted another bag that would really stand out, and that was constructed in the same vein.

Tracey Martin from Rebirth Bags came back to my rescue with the fabulous Red Malibu Hobo bag.

Cinghiale! With jewelry designer Michelle Mirkovich of Divinity Jewelry

This bag comes in a variety of shades, styles and finishes, with her trademark 2 1/2 inch wide leather shoulder strap, which not only supports the load of an overfilled bag (mine always are), but disperses and evens out the weight across your shoulder, so you don’t have straps cutting into your skin.
The bags are made from rugs imported from India, each having its own detail and intricacies. I am obsessed with south and southeast asian cultures, so just hearing the story of the rugs made me have to have one.
The soft champagne suede lining interior has perfect pockets for cell phones and such, as well as a large zippered inside pocket on the opposite side.

They have finishes such as Fleur de Lis, antique crosses and peace signs in leather in the lower corner.

Grocery shopping in Cortona.  

On the menu? Tuscan flat bread with olive oil and sea salt, a chunk of pecorino al tartufo, salad and Sangiovese…

And they cause a scene.
Everywhere I go, and I do mean everywhere, I get stopped and asked about my bag.
In LAX I got stopped four times between security and my gate.
On Air France my gorgeous flight attendant put it on and walked around, loving all over it.
And in Italy, home to the fabulous bag, I got asked about it everywhere I went.


My work uniform is typically all black, or jeans and a white T,so I’m always looking for that one statement piece that lifts it and makes it interesting. 

As much as I love my Louis’, right now they are everywhere, leaving you to blend in somewhat, just like a wallflower.

Rebirth Bags by Tracey Martin are not in stores yet, but you can find out more by clicking this link to their Facebook Page, ( Handbags By Tracey Martin)

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