Waterproof mascara

Well it’s that time of the year again. The only time of the year that I’m OK with waterproof mascara. As a rule I’m not a big fan.

Overuse of waterproof mascara can lead to broken lashes and thinning lashes. I can normally spot an habitual waterproof user the minute they sit down in my makeup chair.

But at this time of year, walking through that thick custard of humidity, you kinda need the stuff.
Or if you’re into swimming whilst still looking glamorous. Or marrying a philandering Monegasque prince against your better judgement – there are actually valid reasons for wearing waterproof mascara.

Her Serene Highness Princess Charlene and Prince Albert of Monaco. Which one looks more miserable?? 

The problem is that it’s not the kindest product to use on your lashes. And if you don’t remove it properly, it’s not the kindest product to the delicate skin around our eyes.

So here’s how to do it:

   * Use a really good eye makeup remover.
This is crucial. You need to make sure that every last trace of waterproof mascara is removed, everytime you wear it.

My personal favorite, and the product I actually use both on myself and in my makeup kit is SensEyes from Makeup Forever.
SensEyes not only dissolves all traces of makeup, but as the name indicates, it is perfect for even the most sensitive skin and eyes.
(A cool side benefit of Senseyes is that you can use it to remove any stubborn makeup, including deep red and berry lipstains etc)
Lancome Bi-Facial is another good option. I like the oiliness of it.

If you can’t afford, or don’t have a good eye makeup remover on hand, use good old fashioned baby oil.

* Use It Properly

The whole idea is to a) dissolve the mascara and b) not rough up the delicate skin around the eye.
Soak a cotton ball or cotton pad with the product, then hold it against your closed eye for a couple of minutes so that it can work on the dissolving part. The more stubborn the mascara, the longer you need to keep it there.
Once the mascara has been dissolved you can gently (read: gently) sweep away any product residue.
Do rub or scrub. And ideally work from the outer eye in toward the nose so that you are not inadvertently stretching and pulling the skin and fast tracking yourself to looking 100.
If needed dampen a Q tip with eye makeup remover and work it through any remaining mascara.

*Use An Eye Treament Product

Once all eye makeup is removed give your eye area some extra lovin with a super gentle, extra hydrating and soothing eye cream.
If the waterproof mascara has irritated your eye, sooth it with some eye drops.

Finally, if you are venturing into the waterproof arena, firstly decide if you really do need a waterproof mascara, or if a water resistant mascara will work instead. If waterproof is absolutely the way to go, invest in a good one. Instead of a drug store mascara spend an extra few dollars and get a quality mascara. There are plenty around that wont break the bank – or your lashes!

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