5 Quick Tips To Keep Your Summer Makeup Looking Gorgeous

As we get to the end of summer you’ll often find your skin has taken a beating from the heat, the sun, the wind, and is now looking less than lustrous.

Here are 5 Quick Tips To Keep Your Makeup Looking Gorgeous

image courtesy Clarins

Its all about the skin. If your complexion looks less than fab, your overall look suffers, so starting with your base:

1) Go a shade deeper with your foundation. 
Foundation that is too pale is very aging. Your skin will no doubt be a deeper tone than usual at the end of summer anyway, so adding some depth to your base will give you a glow and keep the pretty going.

2) Choose the right formula
Crushed mineral bases, matte formulas and oil frees are the absolute enemy. They’ll make your skin look dried out and beat up. Instead opt for a light dewy formula, such as Makeup Forever Face and Body, or go for a well blended light application of a silicone based formula such as Makeup Forever HD Foundation or
Face Atelier Ultra Foundation. These will make your skin look fresh, healthy and give it a beautiful soft glow.

3) Blend like a pro
Every pro makeup artist will tell you its all about the blending. The key to natural looking makeup is to blend and blend and blend. Apply a small amount with a foundation brush, working in into the skin and through the jawline, or even better, invest in a beauty blender and get your sheerest, most blended finish ever.

4) Don’t try to conceal crows feet
Chances are you’ve scored some extra fine lines around your eyes, from dehydration and squinting through the summer. Don’t try and hide them with makeup – you’ll just make them look worse. Instead load up on the eye cream, get them hydrated and keep foundation and concealer to a minimum around your eyes.

5) Give it a soft focus finish
When you’re done with your makeup, take a damp sponge (beauty blender) and pat/bounce it over your T zone. This will lift away any excess, and leave you looking fresh and lovely.

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