7 Tricks To Make Your Lips Look Younger

Women invest so much time, effort and money into looking youthful, but then blow it with their choice of lip color or lipstick formulation.
As you age you lose some of that lovely fatty texture of the upper lip, and the lip line itself starts to disappear, so you need to have a few tricks up your sleeve to keep your kisser looking ripe and delicious.
I’m giving you 7 of them…

7 Tricks To Make Your Lips Look Younger

1. Lose any brown lipstick or lipgloss that is darker than a caffe latte. 
Actually, apply the same theory to plum tones.
Dark lipstick makes lips look smaller, pursed and angry. And who wants that?? A dark mouth will also emphasize and dark rings under your eyes, and any blue undertones that are showing up in your skin.
So now you look tired and angry, and your skintone looks flat.


2. When Choosing Pinks go a shade or two lighter than your natural lip color.
But don’t go with a pink that is too white – go with a warmer tone. A pink that is a couple of shades lighter than your natural lip color is instantly flattering and instantly youthful.

3. Avoid Mattes.
Typically matte lips can be really aging. As in really, really aging.
Occasionally you come across a hydrating matte lip, but for argument’s sake, avoid mattes.They will just drag the life out of your skin, and make your lip look flat and dull. And who needs that??

4. Go for creamy, hydrating lipsticks
Pretty self explanatory. You don’t want your lips to look dry – you want them to look juicy. And inviting.

5. Wear a lipstick/gloss combo
A plain, colorless gloss is no longer an option. Instead use a colored gloss, or a lipstick with a soft sheen to it. You need the depth of color under the gloss to make the lip look riper.
And while we are on the subject of glosses, choose your gloss wisely. Avoid anything too “porno glossy” as it will just make you look foolish. Avoid formulations that are gooey, tacky, thick or sticky. We just want a nice shimmery mouth.

6. The no lipstick look.
You need something on there, but if you’re not a lipstick gal, try filling the lip in with a nude or pink nude liner, then applying a soft pink gloss over top. But not a sparkly gloss, a simple shimmery sheen to the lip looks gorgeous.

7. When in doubt go for a soft coral base
The softer coral based shades are both skin brightening and youthful.

Make sure you whiten your teeth too. Clean, white teeth are so pretty, and will make you look younger.

And then my personal motto:

At all times, and in all places, always be the first to smile!

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