Agent Provocateur Fall 2011

Have you been wondering whats coming up for fall 2011 in lingerie-land?
I, of course, have.
And of course I look first at my uber favorite, Agent Provocateur.

Face it, there is an endless supply of boudoir inspired lingerie out there. Most poorly made, some well made, but its hard to tell one line from the next. It all looks the same.
Until you find your way to Agent Provocateur, that is. Agent Provocateur straddles the line between mainstream sexy and fetish lingerie with a whip and aplomb.
I read an article recently that referred to their “unapologetic glamour“. And really that’s Agent P in a nutshell. Its glamour. Unrepentant, sexy, timeless glamour.

 For fall 2011 their super sexual glamour moans and purrs, echoing 1940s screen sirens with a sheer black palazzo pant jumpsuit, and a corseted hourglass shaped dress. There’s a Betty Page feel to every balconnet bra and stocking.

So for fall 2011, why not get your sexy glam on, and walk your wild side the Provocateur way ~

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