The Two Minute Rule

Girls are always telling me that their makeup doesn’t last past lunchtime, or that their face resembles a gooey oil slick by mid morning.
As we go over their morning glam routine we generally find that they are using the right products, but that they’re throwing them at their faces in a manic, high speed, borderline psychotic frenzy.
Thus, the not so hot, slimey mess.

So today we’re going to talk about the  

Corinna B Beauty 101 Two Minute Rule 

(which can be shortened to 1 minute if you’re really in a time pinch)

Anytime you are putting anything on your skin, whether it be a skin care product or a makeup product, you have to allow a little time for the love fest to begin. Your skin needs a chance to absorb the product, or to cosy up to it and make a union that binds. If you pile everything on at once you wind up with a colored skincare soup.

Now, as women we are born multi-taskers. Very few of us get the luxury of devoting uninterrupted time to the mirror each morning, so the Two Minute Rule actually incorporates into your morning routine quite easily.


Here’s how it works:
If you use a serum in the morning, wait 2 minutes before applying your moisturizer and eye cream.
Easy, right?
Use that 2 minutes to go grab your coffee, make your bed – whatever else you are tasking before leaving for work.

2 minutes later put on your facial SPF

Wait for 2 minutes, then put on your primer. You have to let your primer settle and do its thing before you go racing in with concealers/color correctors/foundation

After 2 minutes put on your foundation. Make sure you apply your foundation sparingly – less is more, and give it a chance to set a little before powdering and moving on with your makeup.

If you’re using a cream blush, apply before powder, but give it a couple of minutes to settle into your skin before you do powder it.

Once you’re powdered, your two minute (1 minute in a pinch) spacing is done, and you can high speed through your eye makeup and what ever else you’re doing.

Arizona Muse redefines fabulous

By allowing your skin a minute or two to absorb and work with each of the products you are using, and then powdering your wet makeup products to set them, your makeup will last all day, and look totally fabulous.

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  1. October 20, 2011 / 12:28 am

    Mucho bueno , mam ! I was being impatient waiting . what I should have been doing is DOING SOMETHING instead of just fuming . Brilliance I can do that!

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