Masha Kirsanova for How To Spend It November 2011

I can’t quite figure out 

exactly whats going on here.

Or what the story is. 

I find it equal parts creepy and alluring.

It makes me think of Venice.

It makes me think of McQueen

And some kind of eyebrow free 


Maybe this is the corps du ballet on acid?

I love the way they emerge from the darkness

in all their wicked glory.

And I love that when she does bother to acknowledge you

she stares you down.

It’s as if she is challenging you to judge her.

It’s oddly haunting, oddly fabulous.

Photographer Yuval Hen is brilliant.

Stylist Damian Foxe is 100% on point.

And Masha Kirsanova is stunning.

How To Spend It November 2011

Holding Court


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