Valentino’s Virtual Museum

Could you just die???

If you are Valentino obsessed (like me) 

then here comes a delicious slice of sartorial eloquence 

that will either drop you to your knees, 

or give you endless hours of fun.

Or both.

Its the Valentino Garavani Virtual Museum

an interactive app for desktop, tablet and smartphone, 

which takes you through the iconic designer’s 

staggering body of work.

Launched December 5th, 

the app cost millions of dollars and two years to create.

Featuring 3D imagery and archived videos, 

a library of nearly all the fashion shows 

across a career that spanned 5 decades, 

and more than 5000 photographs of Valentino designs, 

all housed in an exhibit resembling an actual palazzo.

Something like the ultimate doll house.

Multiple galleries are theme specific, 

including a room that is entirely devoted 

to Valentino’s signature red.

Check out the condensed version of the museum below.

Make sure you download the app here


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