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I honestly thought I had died and gone to heaven when I found this blog!

Chelsea Christensen is an American girl who moved to Italy to be with the Italian man she loves.

She has a business called Italian Postcards (click here for her Etsy store)

and she blogs about my favorite subject, life in Italy.

I can spend hours reading and re-reading her posts, and in fact, I do.

Here is a pre Christmas blog from All Roads Lead To Pacetto,

but I do recommend that you click the link at the bottom and go to Chelsea’s blog, see what time it is in Italia, and start scrolling.

Mi piace….

Flavor of the Month

The flavor of the month at Grom gelatoria is panettone! If you had not yet had the pleasure of panettone let me give you a quick description. It’s a orange flavor sponge cake with candied fruits baked inside. It was first made in Milan and takes 3 days to make because the dough is actually cured like sourdough. It’s traditionally eaten at Christmas dinner for dessert with a sweet sparkling wine, and the the next day for breakfast with hot chocolate.

The panettone gelato starts with a dense creamy orange base infused with chunks of candied fruits. It’s delicious. I would say that the only thing missing is the crunchy sugary crust which is for me the best part.

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