Ginta Lapina For Nars Spring 2012 Collection

I have a little love affair going on with Nars.

Not only are the products completely fabulous

but the company is very very good to me.

The Nars Spring 2012 Ad Campaign features model Ginta Lapina, who Francois Nars chose saying:
“Her delicate features and classic beauty made her an ideal fit for a collection that’s at once fresh and fierce.”

The Nars Spring 2012 Collection is a study in contrasts:
Bold color
underscored by sophisticated shimmer.
Eyes glisten in muted tones of
lavender and pink,
or shimmer in bronze shades accented with rich navy.
Cheeks are flushed with candy pink.
Lips gleam in topaz or pop with
Metallic violet nails add the finishing touch to a collection
that’s bright, strong and iconic.


Named for the 1942 song by French singer-songwriter Charles Trenet.
The Trio Eyeshadow features three gorgeous pink shades—shimmery icy
pink, shimmery rose-petal pink and matte deep rose—that can be mixed to
create a range of looks, from delicate and innocent to bold and
sophisticated. Wear each alone or use one as a base, another to
highlight and the third as a liner or contour.


One of the highest cities in the world, Lhasa is the home to many
significant Tibetan Buddhist palaces. This shimmery lavender-gray Single
Eyeshadow lends lids a luminous look worthy of its spiritual namesake.


The capital and largest city of Surinam, a tropical state in South
America, was the inspiration for this Duo Eyeshadow, with its metallic
shades of brass and bronze. Wear each solo, or use one as a base and the
other as an accent or highlight for a richly burnished effect.


A bright candy-pink Blush that’s as cheerful as the state of joyful exuberance for which it’s named.


Just like its namesake flower, known for its long-lasting pink
blooms, this hot-pink Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil leaves lips soft and
gorgeously glossy thanks to moisture-rich hyaluronic spheres, which make
pouts appear plumper.


The Chilean city is becoming increasingly known as the country’s
cultural capital. The rich raspberry Pure Matte Lipstick delivers
long-wearing color with a comfortable finish.


A smooth and super-conditioning Lipstick in a shimmering topaz named
for the Basque region of Spain, which has been revitalized by the Frank
Gehry–designed Guggenheim Museum.


The navy blue Soft Touch Shadow Pencil complements any warm-weather
look. Use the creamy, long-wearing formula alone, as a base for layering
with powder shadow, or to line and sculpt the eye.


Sade’s 1984 debut album inspired this metallic violet Nail Polish.


Why did you choose Ginta as the face of the Spring 2012 collection?

“I am constantly amazed by Ginta and how she completely transforms
with makeup from the girl next door into an exotic beauty. Of course,
her complexion is flawless and her features striking—both great assets
for a makeup artist. In this case, she just really embodied the radiant,
sophisticated look we envisioned for spring.”

What’s unique about the collection?

“At first glance, all the pinks and shimmer can look very sweet and
innocent, but actually there is a lot of bold and contrasting color—a
gray-lavender eyeshadow, a navy blue Soft Touch Shadow Pencil, a hot
pink lip color, for example—that make the collection edgier and more
sophisticated than it may seem.”

What are the must-have products from the collection?

“I would say our Douce France Trio Eyeshadow, because it allows for
many eye looks, as well as our Dark Rite Soft Touch Shadow Pencil. I
also love the Valparaíso Pure Matte Lipstick, a rich raspberry that
looks absolutely delicious on the lips.”

Speaking of matte lipstick, it seems more like a cold-weather staple. How do you adapt it for spring?

“I never pay attention to rules like, ‘No matte makeup in warm
weather.’ Matte is perfectly appropriate for spring, especially in a
strong berry shade. In fact, it’s the perfect transitional color and
texture to bridge winter and summer. If you have to have shine, you can
add a little gloss on top.”

There are a lot of shimmers and metallics in the Spring 2012 collection. Any tips on how to wear them?

“I’m not a big fan of rules, but if you are concerned about overdoing
it, I would recommend keeping it to one feature: eyes, or cheeks, or
nails. Wearing it everywhere can look a little too disco.”


Douce France Trio Eyeshadow (Limited Edition) $45

Lhasa Single Eyeshadow $24

Paramaribo Duo Eyeshadow (Limited Edition) $34

Gaiety Blush $28

Mexican Rose Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil $24

Valparaíso Pure Matte Lipstick $25

Bilbao Lipstick $24

Dark Rite Soft Touch Shadow Pencil $24

Diamond Life Nail Polish (Limited Edition) $18

Available: January 15, 2012 at


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