Skin Obsession – New Year’s Resolution

In the beauty game, probably the very best New Year’s Resolution you can make,
and adhere to, is to take care of your skin.

image by Eric Cassee

Nothing makes a bigger impact than a great complexion.
You can have mad skills at doing winged liner or a fierce smoky eye, but if the complexion wearing it is looking substandard, the whole look falls down.
Conversely, you can be totally challenged at makeup trickery, but with beautiful skin, some good eyebrows and a killer lipstick, you can look and feel like a million dollars.
Here is an overview of some of the basics:

 Girlfriend’s Guide To Great Skin

1. Get your skin analyzed.
Whether you go see a facialist or have the girls behind the counter check your skin, get a opinion from someone in the know.
Frequently people make the wrong assessment of their skin type, and consequently use all the wrong products.
Most commonly I see girls using  products for oily skin, when at best they are normal/combination, thus stripping the life out of their skin.
A little shine on the nose or through the T Zone doesn’t mean you’re oily. It pretty much makes you normal.

2. Get The Right Cleanser For Your Skin Type.
You need a cleanser that will dissolve makeup and give you a good, deep clean.
Unless you are oily or acneic you probably don’t need a foaming wash cleanser. Look for a gentle cleansing milk that doesn’t strip the skin.

3. Exfoliate.
Most skins benefit from regular exfoliation.
By removing the dead surface cells regularly, you are left with glowing, fresh skin.
Personally I’m not a huge fan of exfoliating scrubs, as I always think they are scratching the baby skin underneath. I prefer enzyme masks that dissolve the glue that holds dead skin cells to the surface. I also get my clients using the Clarisonic daily. I couldn’t live without mine…

4. Apply Moisturizer. Liberally.
If you want youthful looking skin you have to treat it right. A big part of that equation is using a good moisturizer, and using it liberally.
I see girls smear the tiniest amount across their cheeks and think they’re done.
Not so. You need to apply a decent amount and really massage it in to your entire face.
Just imagine all the bits you get will look pretty, and all the parts you miss will get totally ugly.
Only apply moisturizer where you want to look pretty…

5. Use A Facial SPF. Every Single Day
Don’t fall for the “my moisturizer/foundation/powder has SPF in it” routine.
If your products do have SPF in them, consider that a bonus. But after moisturizing every morning, use a freestanding facial SPF of at least 30. I use SPF 85.
And again, only put it on the parts you want to look pretty. Don’t bother using it on any bits that you want to look like either a weather beaten old cowboy or a 100 year old alligator woman.
And don’t forget your neck and chest.

6. Take Off Your Makeup Every Night.
Cleanse your skin every night.
Think of all the pollutants in the air that your skin has been exposed to throughout your day, and imagine your left over makeup holding them tight against your face. Also imagine the dirt and grime of the day filling up your pores. Gross. Clean it.
And follow up said cleansing with serums and nighttime moisturizing products, depending on your skin type and needs.

7. Clean Your Makeup Brushes.

Ideally once a week clean all the makeup brushes you’ve been using.
Oils and bacteria build up in dirty brushes and can lead to a variety of skin ailments.
On shoots we clean every brush, every time, but at home on your own brushes you can get away with a weekly cleaning of most brushes. (clean more frequently if needed).
Use a very mild soap or baby shampoo and lukewarm water. Reshape and lie brushes flat to dry.

8. Change Your Pillowcases.
At least once a week change your pillowcase. More frequently if you are noticing problems with your skin.
Often an unclean pillowcase can be contributing to breakouts.
Silk pillowcases are thought to prevent sleep creases on the skin. Whether that is true or not – who knows? But they certainly feel lovely.

9. Cleanse After The Gym.
After working up a good sweat (or even a not so good one) make sure you cleanse your face and re moisturize. Try to avoid working out with makeup on if possible.

10. Shelter Your Skin From The Sun.
Keep your face out of the sun.
Wear hats with brims to shade your face, ears and neck.
Wear big sunglasses to shade your eye area.
Supple, beautiful, luminous skin and direct sunlight don’t go together. Its really that simple.

Model Katie Bunn
Photographer Eric Cassee
Hair Will Zecco
Makeup Corinna Cooke

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