Cup Of Te

I found this the other morning while do coffee and blogs

(favorite morning pastime)

Its from a blog called Cup Of Te

 I just loved this.

Perfect little morning pick me up!



Tips To Stay Sparkly

It’s been cray around the household lately. Not including the usual Society Social business and this past month of misery (okay, I exaggerate), Alan and I have 3 days to find a new home or we’ll be out on the street. Okay, I exaggerate, again. There are hotels. Regardless,
long story! In high stress times, I find it’s the little things that
can help pull you through. 

A bouquet of fresh flowers…


A retail update, even if it is just a little window shopping to inspire a daydream…


Pampering! Do it. 


A carefully, bright-fully prepared meal.


And above all, a little daily ridiculous to keep things sparkly! 🙂

How do you maintain your sparkle? Would love to know, darlings?

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Also you just have to check out her About Me – its adorable!

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