Marc Jacobs F/W 2012 Puts The Fun Back Into Fashion!

How deliriously, madly quirky is this??

Marc Jacobs put the fun back into fashion

with his Fall/Winter 2012 RTW show.

More of a spectacular than a siren song to the buyers,

the 15 minute show featured crazy-huge hats

non-body-conscious shapes,

was anti-sexy, anti establishment,

and wickedly fun.

Individual pieces will mesh perfectly into the modern wardrobe,

with opulent fabrics in fun shades of vibrant

greens, lavenders, ochers, reds and pinks.

Some of the coats and jackets were spectacular.

A slightly Victorian feel  theatrically merged 

with Dr Seuss-like sensibilities

set to “Who Will Buy” from Oliver!,

including a version by Nancy Sinatra.

Marc Jacobs. Brilliant. Again.

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