Alexander McQueen Autumn 2012

Alexander McQueen Autumn 2012


 Sarah Burton has been

about “a beautiful future” for fall: 

“A kind of soft futurism. 

 Not cold and structured, 

but optimistic and forward-looking”

Alexander McQueen was always inspired by nature,

moved by its darkly sinister forces.

Burton, by contrast used nature to propel her 

light infused “women as flowers”. 

Exploding petals, oversized pink 

feather and organza blooms.

Extreme in a way that can only be McQueen,

hundreds of artisan hours spent building the 3D embroidered flowers, tucking, pinning,

hand placing marabou feathers,

the mirrored plexiglass visors 

and heel-less hoof-like boots 

each with a horseshoe in the platform.

Magic, isn’t it??

Here’s the entire show






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