The Fendi Baguette

I am somewhat (majorly) obsessing over the

iconic Fendi Baguette these days.

Fendi baguette

The Fendi Baguette handbag is a petite, simple design

meant to be casually tucked under your arm 

like, well, a baguette.

Except I never tuck baguettes under my arm, but go figure.

This is a handbag for the lady who sees a handbag as a work of art.

Each bag requires a long production time, and is exclusively handmade.

Initially launched in 1997, the baguette has made a huge resurgence

in recent years. To the extent that there is even a book about them.

These bags are incredibly special, and come in many colors and fabrics,  pythons, leathers – you name it.

Giovanna Battaglia in NYC with a Fendi Baguette

Giovanna Battaglia (editor Vogue Uomo, freelance stylist, contributing editor W Magazine)

seen here in  NYC with one of her Fendi Baguettes

The beaded Fendi’s are super special. 

They only make one or two designs in a year,

and are very labor intensive, making them a collectors item.

beaded Fendi Baguette

The Fendi Baguette has become the epitome of chic world wide.

yellow Fendi Baguette

pink Fendi Baguette

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