Damsel In Black ~ El Pais magazine

I just love this.

Sultry Brazilian model Isabeli Fontana smolders

her way through a gorgeous photo story

in a variety of luxe, chic looks in black

styled by Alberto Murtra.

Isabeli Fontana for El Pais

Shot by Sergi Pons fro the current issue 

of Spain’s El Pais Magazine

Fontana’s flawless skin and tossled hair

are the perfect bombshell accompaniment to

the cut outs, sheer fabrics and sequins

in this simple yet elegant wardrobe.

A story with infinite possibilities for seduction.

Damsel In Black

Damsel In Black, El Pais

Isabeli Fontana, Damsel In Black, El Pais

Isabeli Fontana by Sergi Pons for El Pais

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