Rose Botman for Elele Magazine

Koray Parlak captured this sensational story

for Turkey’s Elele Magazine’s December 2012 issue.

Rose Botman For Elele Dec 2012

 Captivating in her insouciance,

model Rose Botman simply lives inside her evening wear

as she manoeuvres her way through a crumbling building, 

giving the appearance that it is the most natural of things

to be there with such elegance.

My favorite image may just be of her casually drinking wine while draped across a velvet couch

surrounded by mist while light finds her 

from where the roof used to be.

As if there is no reason for her to be anywhere else.

There is a certain magic to it.

Splendid in designs from the likes of

Dolce and Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Machka, Mon Reve, 

A46, Nine West, Ozlem Suer, Closh and Tuba Benian

as styled by Cristina Cosentino

Hair by Nuri Sekerci

Makeup by Ali Riza Ozdemir

Rose Botman By Koray Parlak for Elele

Rose Botman for Elele, makeup by Ali Riza Ozdemir

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