Eros Ramazzotti ~ Noi Drops Today 11-13-12

My favorite Italian, Eros Ramazzotti

has a new album, entitled “Noi”

that drops today, November 13 2012.

Eros Ramazzotti, Noi cover art

Unless you are in The USA, that is.

(Which, in my opinion, is not particularly


If you are in the euro zone you can

get a list of itunes stores that have it here.

 If you are stateside, who only knows when we will get it.

Eros Ramazzotti, Noi, tour

There is also a tour starting in March of 2013

Tour dates here

Noticeably no US dates yet.

But thats cool – I’m always up for a trip to Italia.

Eros Ramazzotti, Noi

The rest of the world got to see the fabulous new video

for the first single, Un Angelo Disteso Al Sole

                   a few weeks back, but that too is still not available 
                                               in the USA.

So instead here is another gorgeous piece of eye candy,

combining Eros and Paris.

I can happily watch it all day.


Although the tour doesn’t start until 2013, here is a taste of Eros live.

And ladies, you are welcome 🙂

Ti Vorrei Rivivere…

e mi torna in mente quando eri
la ragazza del mio cuore tu
quella luce che negli occhi avevi
come vedo non si e’ spenta piu’
ti vorrei ti vorrei rivivere
anche solo per un’ attimo
io vorrei rivivere
quella prima volta io e te

Eros, ci vediamo subitooooo!! xo

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