How To Get Gel Eyeliner To Stay On All Day ~

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How to Keep My Eye Makeup From Disappearing — powered by ehow

How To Get Gel Eyeliner To Stay On All Day.

Its annoying when you put on your makeup in the morning, and by lunch time its mostly gone.
Here’s how to make your gel eyeliner last all day.

1. Start with a well cleansed eye area. Make sure yesterday’s mascara and eyeliner are completely cleansed away.
Use an eyecream or eye gel to moisturize and hydrate the area.

2. Apply a very thin veil of foundation to the eye area and powder it to set.

3. Apply a good quality eyeshadow primer. This combined with the foundation and powder in the previous step will give your eyeliner to bind onto and hold onto.

4. Apply eyeshadow. If you are going for a look that doesn’t use eyeshadow, use a matte, neutral tone.
Again this gives the eyeliner something to bind onto and helps it to hold all day.

5. Use a good quality, synthetic eyeliner brush, like the Corinna B Angle Taklon Liner

6. Starting in the middle of the lash line using small, firm strokes, start applying your eyeliner.

7. Once the eyeliner has set, put on several coats of mascara.

Here is the video:


How to Get Gel Eyeliner to Stay on All Day — powered by ehow

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