How To Keep Eye Makeup From Disappearing ~

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How To Keep Eye Makeup From Disappearing

image by Kelly Cappelli

When you apply your eye makeup in the morning, does it still look the same by lunchtime? What about by mid afternoon? Is it still looking as fresh and beautiful as when you first put it on?

There are a few tricks to making your eye makeup stay on all day.

image by Eric Cassee

1. Start with clean skin.
Make sure all of yesterday’s eyemakeup, eyeliner and mascara have been completely removed.
Use an eye gel or eye cream specific to your skin type and hydrate your eye area.
(if the area is dry or under-hydrated makeup will grab to the skin and look blotchy and patchy, and also make you look old).

2. Apply a sheer veil of your foundation over the eye area. This helps to create a smooth, even canvas to work with. Set the foundation with a light coat of powder. If the foundation is not set, or if you don’t use foundation, the eye shadows have nothing to grip onto, and will slip away as the day progresses.

3. Use an eye shadow primer. These will help the eye shadow to go on evenly and help it to bind nicely to the eyelid.Eye shadow primer also helps to get the color of your shadow to look really good and true.

4. Use a really good quality brush to apply your shadow. A good quality brush will pick up the shadow better, glide it across the eye without shedding it everywhere, and deposit the shadow into the skin much better, allowing it to stay all day.

I use badger hair brushes from my own line, available at

Here’s the video:


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