How To Choose A Mascara

I always get asked how to choose the right mascara. 

image by Kelly Cappelli

Perusing the endless options in mascara-land can be a little daunting, so here is my 3 step guideline:

1.) Know the formulations.
First up you need to identify your needs.

Short, stubby lashes? Go for a lengthening mascara.
Some lengthening mascaras contain nylon fibers which act like extensions on the lashes. Mascaras like Lancome Definicils use dense bristles wands to help you get more product dispersed at the end of the lashes, helping them to look longer.

Thin or lackluster lashes? 

Opt for a thickening mascara to bulk up your lashes.

 These formulations typically contain waxes and silicone polymers 

which coat the lash and make it look denser. 

Absolute favorite? Diorshow Blackout.

Dead straight lashes? – Curling mascaras contain waxes and resins that lift the lash at the tip.These formulas can work magic, especially when you use a good quality lash curler first.

Non Clumping mascaras contain silk extracts and glycerins to create a silkier, glossier lash.

2.) Know which style of wand you need.

A thick, bushy brush like Diorshow will create a thicker, denser lash.

Spikey plastic combs will give more separation to the lash.

Long, comb like wands give great definition, and lengthen the lashes, but won’t help you to bulk up or thicken your lashes.

A spherical brush, like the Givenchy Phenomen’Eyes has bristles of all different lengths so that you can get all around each lash anywhere along the lashline. The application is a little trickier and more time consuming, but you can really customize your application and create the look you want.

Curved brushes help to lift and curl lashes by cupping
and curving the mascara along the natural shape of the eye.

3.) Avoid Waterproof Mascara

Unless you are planning on swimming or sobbing, skip waterproof mascara entirely.
They use synthetics to repel moisture, but are generally so harsh that over time your lashes thin and break.
They are also hard to remove, so if you do have to wear one, make sure you use a high quality eye makeup remover to take it off, and be super gentle – its easy to wind up scrubbing the delicate skin around the eyes, not only irritating it, but also fast tracking the aging process.
Instead use a water resistant formula that will bind more firmly, but isn’t as harsh as a waterproof.

Tip: Want even more exaggerated lashes? Try applying a few coats of one mascara, then apply more coats of a different formula.

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