How To Get A Perfect (Girl) Shave

Now that summer is upon us

and legs and bikini lines are once again being bared

here are 5 steps to a perfect shave:

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1. Before you start

Wait a good 3 minutes in the shower so the warm water can soften your stubble, but don’t wait beyond 10 minutes as the skin will have swelled and you will no longer get a close shave.

2. Use A Shaving Cream

Apply a really thick coat of a shave cream that contains aloe or mineral oils to protect the skin.

A good coat of shaving foam also makes your razor glide more smoothly.

3. Know Your Direction

Work against the direction that hair grows on your legs, but for the bikini line go in the direction of the hairs.

When shaving under your arms you need to work in the multiple directions that hairs gow.

4. Use a 5 Blade Razor

Use a 5 Blade Razor such as Gillette Venus Embrace for a sleeker, smoother shave, 

and change out the blades frequently to prevent infections.

5. Moisturize

Step out of the shower and straight into a luxurious, thick and creamy body moisturizer.

Moisturize before your skin is all the way dry, to lock in the moisture.

To get really super-smooth, toss the razor and get laser hair removal…

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