The Top 5 Manicure Wreckers

I actually found this in an old issue of Allure Magazine,
but as I’ve been wearing bright nail polishes instead of my usual french manicure, I thought it was pretty pertinent.
I added some of my own opinions to the list….

There are several common offenders that prematurely wreck your manicure. Here are 5 of them:

1.) Doing dishes without wearing rubber gloves to protect both your nails and the skin on your hands.

2.) Alcohol
Constantly applying hand sanitizers erodes the top coat and dulls your nail polish.

3.) Texting!
Each keystroke is a tiny trauma to the nails. 
The iPhone keypad is ok though? Surely??

image from

4.) Folding Laundry
When its hot out of the dryer. The heat softens the nail polish and fades the color. Same goes for cooking over a h ot stove.


5.) Scrubs.
Exfoliators not only remove dead skin, but also break down your nail polish. So either avoid them, or wear gloves when you exfoliate.  

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