How To Do Your Makeup For The Beach

Ideally you really don’t want to be wearing makeup to the beach.
But there are plenty of occasions across the summer where you have events to go to – picnics, boating, pool parties, beach parties etc, where the look needs to be au naturel, but you honestly, truly wouldn’t be caught dead with an honestly bare face.

A face full of makeup in these situations just looks plain ridiculous, but there are some secrets and tricks to looking fabulously fresh faced and natural, when really there’s absolutely nothing natural about it.

The perfect summer face is all about creating a killer complexion. Skin must look fresh and dewy, glowing and radiant, and ultimately it musn’t look made up.

Start with moisturizer and a super sonic SPF of 50+
Allow each to really soak in before applying anything else. Otherwise you will have a makeup-soup on the surface of your skin.

If you can swing it, and especially if you live somewhere humid try to skip any form of foundation and instead opt for a facial self tanner. If that’s not going to work for you the next best thing is a BB Cream.
Find one that works both with your skin type, and the climate you’ll be in. In a dry climate you don’t want a super matte finish, in a humid climate a dewy finish will look slimey.
BB’s even out your skin tone and leave your face looking flawless yet makeup free. The trick is to keep your application so sheer that its barely there.

Tell your story via your brows, cheeks and lips.

Define your brows with a waterproof brow product such as Makeup Forever Aqua Brow
Enhance your brow, but don’t make it look sculpted – remember the idea is to look fresh faced.
If you’re using Aqua brow practice first – its super concentrated.

On your cheeks create a soft glow with a warm, radiant cream color, such as Nars The Multiple in Orgasm or Portofino, followed by a gentle sweep of bronzer. Avoid bronzers that shimmer as they will look mad in the sunlight.

Instead of big eye makeup, which really does look crazy at the beach or by the pool, choose a high volume, waterproof mascara, such as DiorShow Waterproof. 
If you’re protecting your face with a big hat, and protecting your eyes with sunglasses, no one will see anyway.

Bring it all to life through your lips. I love bold, bright colors like fucshias, tangerines, or cherries. Don’t go for perfection, just a burst of color.

My rule for any kind of beach makeup is no touch ups. I personally go for a facial self tanner so that I can keep applying facial SPF throughout the day.

Remember any powdery products will turn into a paste on your face as the day heats up.

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