How To Hide Your Roots

If your roots are showing and you’re still a couple of weeks from seeing your colorist, or you’re far from home and either too loyal or too scared to have anyone else get anywhere near your colored tresses, here are some quick tips on how to disguise those telltale roots!

Mary Kate Olson, gorgeous with roots

1. Work Your Part.
Wearing your hair down with a part is the biggest giveaway that the roots are overdue for a little lovin’.
Instead of keeping a neat, straight part, break it up. Go for a zigzag part, or tip your head forward, shake your hair out, then let it fall as it will. An uneven part will hide your roots, or at least make them look a little more diffused.

Cameron Diaz in a soft messy pony tail with a broken up part

2. Pump Up The Volume.
The closer your hair is worn to the scalp the more noticeable your roots are. Instead of pulling your hair back tight and smooth, tease your roots and add texture and volume. A soft, messy pony with some height will help to disguise your roots.

3. Wear A Braid or Fishtail
The very nature of braids and fishtails break up color throughout the hair. A braid or fishtail that is soft and worn to the side will soften the look of your roots, and they will appear a little more like lowlights than harsh roots.

4. Touch It Up
Grab a root touch up kit and mask the problem a little. Technique is everything with these, so make sure you hold up sections of the hair, and paint product in an upward motion, blending it into the body of the hair shaft to help offset getting “color bands”.

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