How To Make Your Hair Shine

Summer can be super harsh on your hair.
Everything from sun damage to chlorine to surf and sand
contribute to stripping the sheen from your hair and leaving it looking lifeless and lack luster.

Here are some great tips to help you get  (and maintain!) shiny, glossy hair.

1.) Brazilian Blowouts
I love the Brazilian Blowout! As a more permanent treatment it helps the hair to stay smooth and glossy, regardless of where you are. Your styling time is cut in half, so you have less heat damage from blow dryers and irons, and even the most vicious humidity won’t leave you frizzy.

2.) Use a shine enhancing shampoo.
Shampoo that contains jojoba, olive oil or rice proteins will work in your favor.
Avoid shampoos that strip the hair, and avoid “clarifying” shampoo.

3.) Use conditioning treatments that penetrate the hair shaft.
Plenty of deep treatments and conditioners really  don’t penetrate that deeply. If at all. Often they just lay product on top of the hairshaft, and then it just rinses away.
Leave conditioner on for at least 3 minutes.

Oribe Hair Products

4.) After towel drying the hair use a glossing cream (fine hair) or a serum (course hair) that contain Vitamin B5. 
Or any of the Oribe shine products.
Comb through the hair evenly. (My hairdresser has me start underneath and then work my way through so that I don’t saturate the top layer).
Saltwater sprays tend to leave a more matte finish to the hair, so if its shiny hair you’re after, they may not be your best choice.
After blowdrying spritz a shine spray if needed.

Oribe Apres Beach

On shoots I frequently work with hairstylist Drew Noreen, who exclusively works with Oribe products. He has me completely addicted to them – nothing, nothing makes my hair look glossier
than Oribe, and the smell is to die for. ( a thousand glorious, heavenly deaths…) 

5.) Blow dry your hair correctly – use a round brush and angle the dryer downwards. This helps keep the cuticle flat – angling the dryer up or to the side can lift the cuticle. Sliding the brush gently down the hair shaft while blow drying helps the cuticle to lie flat.

6.) If you color your hair have your colorist do a shine treatment to help your color stay fresh and glossy.


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