Sicilian Obsession ~ Taormina

To say that I have become obsessed with the glorious island of Sicily would be an understatement.
I think at this point, after a life filled with international travel, Sicily may just be my absolute favorite place in the world.

Its got it all.
Spectacular beauty, mind bending historical sites, wines to die for, the best food in the world, and the loveliest, friendliest, most fun people you will ever meet.
(except at Catania airport. Those folks weren’t much fun).

One of my favorite places to visit there is beautiful Taormina.

The sun coming up over beautiful Taormina

Located between Messina and Catania on the east coast of Sicily, majestically perched up high on a cliff overlooking the Ionian Sea, picturesque Taormina reigns supreme.
Walking through the beautiful streets of tiny Taormina you’ll rub shoulders with movie stars, musicians & jet setters, all of whom love the art, restaurants, shopping and history that envelope you.

shopping streets in Taormina

The views in any direction are breathtaking.

Taormina views

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One of the most magnificent historical sites is the Teatro Greco, thought to have been built around 750 BC, by the Greeks, (who loved to place their theaters on sites with awe inspiring views) and later added to by the Romans.

Teatro Greco by night

You can walk all through the theater which is remarkably well preserved.
During June the Taormina Film Festival is held in the theater, and throughout the year various operatic and theatrical performances are staged at this mesmerizing venue.

setting up the screen for the Taormina Film Festival at the Teatro Greco

Connected by a funicular, below Taormina are the beaches of Taormina Mare and the lovely Isola Bella, where you can stretch out in the sun on the public beaches, or lie out on sunchairs at the private lidos, and swim in the warm and intensely blue waters of the Ionian Sea.

Isola Bella, Taormina

Taormina Mare and Isola Bella

Make sure you take time to enjoy the local wines and the unbelievably fabulous local cuisine.

I can’t wait to go back….

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