Victoria Beckham Cover Vogue Australia September 2013

Vogue Australia has Victoria Beckham on the cover

of it’s coveted September issue.

Have I mentioned lately that I adore her??

Victoria Beckham Cover Vogue Australia September 2013

Wearing Louis Vuitton, and lensed by Boo George,

Vicky B looks lovely as ever.

I love that she has always been able to hold her own.

That in light of the fact that she could have sat back

and enjoyed the money she made from the Spice Girls phenom,

lived happily ever after just being the wife 

of perhaps the greatest soccer player ever,

she opted instead to create something of her own

and push it to the level that Vogue calls it

 “one of the best celebrity fashion lines“.

Anyone who has ever worked around fashion

knows how hard it is for a designer to even be considered relevant,

let alone to be highly sought after and have longevity.

And although I don’t know her myself, I just love the fact that without exception, every single person I have ever known who has ever worked with her, both here and in Europe just loves her.

Apparently she is just hilarious.

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