The Spiffy Fifties ~ How To Spend It Magazine

I love this!

The Spiffy Fifties, How To Spend It Magazine

Actually, I always love the combination 

of photographer Andrew Yee,

stylist Damian Foxe

and the Financial Times How To Spend It magazine.

They are always such an innovative and exciting combination,

creating the most edgy-fab-cool editorials.

In the new issue of How To Spend It they have created

a modern take on the 50’s,giving the new season’s fashions 

from the likes of Prada, Dior and Dolce and Gabbana

a gorgeous and spectacular retro spin 

with wigs and hairdos by Schlomi Mor,

and the most fabulous winged eyeliner 

by makeup artist Nives Riddles.

Model Samantha Gradoville gets right into character,

breathing life into the story

and looking absolutely beautiful in every frame.

The Spiffy Fifties

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