6 Must Have Items For Thanksgiving Week Travel

The dreaded Thanksgiving travel week is upon us,

with all the flight delays, traffic jams,

bad weather, and germ filled airplanes

that come with holiday travel.

Here are 6 key items to pack

to make the trip more bearable

1. Drinkable Vitamins

Emergen*C Dragon Fruit

Even if its all anecdotal medicine there is something inherently

reassuring about drinking fizzy vitamins non top, when surrounded by sneezing, coughing travelers. 

I’m also a big fan of echinacea supplements to help ward off the bad stuff.

2. A Giant Pashmina

pashminas for travel

Incredibly lightweight and easy to pack – they take up  no space at all – stylish, pretty and warm, the pashmina is the ideal travel companion.

I’m always dubious about using airplane blankets, and in fact on a recent USAirways flight to Rome my son was given a completely bug eaten blanket, full of holes. Ugh – it was disgusting

I’ve flown all around the world with the same giant pashmina for the past 13 years. Its still looks fabulous and keeps me totally warm during the flight.

Jessica Alba in pashminas

3. A Great Headset.

Flights seem so much longer when you’ve got screaming babies, loud children, snoring passengers, chatty Cathys etc seated around you.

Bose Noise Eliminating Headsets

A good pair of noise eliminating headphones will not only take out the engine buzz, but also provide relief from all the other ambient noise. 

4. Lip Balm

There’s nothing even slightly glamorous about dry, chapped, cracked lips.

Julie Hewett Camellia Lip Balm

Keep them hydrated with a good quality lip balm and arrive with your lips intact, even if your sanity isn’t.

5. Something To Do

You know there will be delays, and sitting (or standing) for ages in airports waiting for your flight just makes the delay seem both longer and more irritating.

Keep your brain busy with the 9 Circles of Sudoku Hell

Bring along a good book, or at least some good magazines to ward off the boredom and flight delay irritation.

6. Pack Some Quality Snacks

Add caption

Do yourself a favor and pack some good quality snacks for the flight and the accompanying delays.

Airline food (when they actually have any) and airport foods tend to be expensive, high salt, carb intense and fattening, and leave you feeling ghastly.

Pack an assortment of healthy, low sodium, high fiber, and preferably high water content foods to keep you going. Baby carrots and apple slices with almond butter will get you much further and leave you feeling much better than anything you’ll find onboard your flight.

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