The Next 5 Biggest Ways We Sabotage Our Skin

We all know that sun damage and smoking are about the worst things we can do to totally sabotage our skin and fast track the aging process, but I was quite surprised to read about the next 5 things that totally sabotage our skin care regimens and send us speedily into early aging. Especially because I am guilty of the first 4….

1. The Thermostat

The heater and the air conditioner are 2 of the most common causes of drying out and thus dulling the complexion. (remember dry skin ages faster than hydrated skin)

The soothing effects of a humidifier help remedy the scourge of dry air.

2. Over caffeinating.

Who knew? Caffeine dehydrates the complexion, and as such we shouldn’t have more than one cup per day.

I never have less than 2, and frequently have 3 or 4. Whoops!

3. Lack Of Sleep.

The odd late night here and there is not a major problem, but consistently having less than 7 hours per night will totally catch up with you (in many different ways), and accelerate the aging process.

4. Stress

When you get stressed out your cortisol levels rise. High cortisol levels result in inflammation in the skin (and other parts of the body), resulting in dullness.

Stress also results in strain showing in the face, speeding up the creation of fine lines and wrinkles

5. High Sugar Diet

Well actually, a diet high in sugars and chemicals. The low-fat fad was one of the most aging things ever, as fat was replaced with sugars, but even if you don’t go low fat, you really need to minimize your daily sugar intake.

Sugary foods breakdown the elastin and collagen in the skin, which causes both dullness and accelerates wrinkles. Alcohol dehydrates the skin and causes inflammation, making skin red and dry.

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