Learn Italian Hand Gestures With The Dolce And Gabbana Male Models….

I probably don’t allude to it too much on this blog ( or maybe I do?), but for more than 20 years now I have had a crazy love affair with all things Italian.
Italy is my favorite place in the world to travel to, and I try to spend a month there each year. I adore the language, the culture, the history, the art, the food, the people (especially the men people) – basically everything.

This past holiday season we even had an Italian chef living with us for a couple of months, improving his “cooking english”.

Marcello teaches Tuscan cooking to tourists at the beautiful Podere Cunina near Siena. Night after night he made homemade pasta and all kinds of fabulous traditional dishes, while I helped him put the language into colloquial form.
It was magnificent.
Apart from the fact that I no longer fit any of my clothes…

I also had Marcello teaching me all the bad things my Italian tutor won’t teach me. The badder the better. But the only people I can use them on are my tutor and my Italian ex’s, all of whom are delightfully horrified.

So I was endlessly entertained when my dear friend Nashville makeup artist Lisa Johnson sent me these links!
If you ever get to go live your own Eat Pray Love in fabulous Italy, let the Dolce and Gabbana Male models be your guide to

Italian Hand Gestures

Check out the gifs here. And then tell me just how hot Noah Mills is??

and here’s a little bts at the Dolce Gabbana mens F/w 15 show

oh – and by the way ladies, you’re welcome!

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