New Year New You Fat Busters – What Is Coolsculpting?

Do you have any areas of stubborn fat that just won’t budge – no matter how hard you diet and exercise?
Like maybe love handles, inner thighs, or even back fat – rolls of fat that stop your back from looking smooth, or even worse roll over the top of your strapless dress or your bra?

The past few months I have been learning all about non surgical ways to remove stubborn fat. I’ve been with many clients, from celebs to socialites to brides, to see the amazing Dr Blume and Sandra Caldwell of the Blume Skin Centre in Scottsdale AZ.
Sandra is an expert in the art of Coolsculpting (among many things), and has literally been trimming the fat off ladies.

Coolsculpting is a fantastic alternative to liposuction. Most frequently used to eliminate muffin tops, love handles, belly pooches and stubborn back rolls, it is a non surgical, non invasive, needle free way to slim you down.

Coolsculpting isolates fat cells, freezes them (without damaging any neighboring tissue and without hurting your skin), and eliminates them. Once that fat cell is gone, it is gone for good.

Many of the laser treatments, sonic wave treatments and of course lipo treatments available actually damage other tissue around the fat cells, which leave you with considerable downtime while your body has to heal.

How It Works:

The Coolsculpting machine uses a vacuum type system to suck in the area of fat you want to lose, then freezes it.

The technician identifies the area to be worked on, chooses the correct sized attachment, preps your skin so it doesn’t get burned, and then the Coolsculpting machine literally sucks in that area of fat, holds it, and freezes it for 60 minutes.

During that time the client sits back, relaxes, watches movies, reads, sleeps, does emails – basically stays comfortable. When the 60 minutes is up, the technician removes the attachment, massages the frozen fat so that the skin feels smooth, and you’re done! Simple, painless, secret. 

Over the next 2 months your body will eliminate the frozen fat cells through your urine. Typically you will start seeing a drastic change in the area worked on in as little as 4 weeks!

I work with many brides who are dieting and working out like crazy to slim down for a strapless wedding dress, and are not getting the results they want – as in there is still a roll of fat oozing over the top of the dress. 
If we have a 2 month lead time, Coolsculpting is the most amazing, super effective way to trim that fat away.
The results are staggering.

Are You A Candidate For Coolsculpting?

The Top 10 Reasons to Have CoolSculpting

1I don’t love my love handles
2Two words: summer vacation
3Make my time at the gym look like I’ve been to the gym
4Show up at the reunion in the same jeans I wore then
5Hate wearing breath-defying body shaper undergarments
6Put my bag in overhead without hesitation
7Wear spandex without embarrassment
8I eat right, so I deserve to look right
9Make my birthday suit my best outfit
10I want my body back

The most crucial element when choosing to have Coolsculpting is making the decision of where to go.
I don’t advise getting a deal on groupon or looking for cut-price treatments. Generally you will get what you pay for.
I recommend going to a technician who not only specializes in Coolsculpting, but who has an eye for aesthetics. You don’t want great gaping holes in your body because an inexperienced $10 per hour employee is making the Groupon cost effective for the business!
If you are anywhere near Arizona, make the trek to the
 Blume Skin Centre and see Sandra. She has been taking care of my client’s complexions, laser services etc for years. She has an incredible eye for perfection and completely understands the beauty aesthetic. 

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