Six Things That Every Woman Should Own

Michael Kors clearly knows fashion.

He also knows chic, style, and women.

Style is not fashion – style is how you put things together, whether that may be the hottest new trend, 

or whether its piecing together old and new, or anything in between.

So anyway, I found an article where Michael Kors talked about the 

Six Things That Every Woman Should Own

and even though I’ve had it for ages, 

the concepts are still 100% on point.

So here I’ve co-opted his ideas and put my thoughts in there with them…

1. Aviators

There is a great pair of Aviators for every face.

I love aviators and have many different pairs of them – old, new, and in between.

Aviators can be the ultimate in casual chic, can be the unexpected twist to a super glammed up outfit, and can add a touch of cool to the most basic of outfits.

The trick is to try on many pairs and find the right shape for your face, rather than the shape that is the latest trend.

2. A Chronograph Watch.

I obsessed over the Chanel J12  watch from the first time I ever laid eyes on one, and have had an oversized, chunky watch on my wrist every day since.

I like the man sized chronographs instead of the smaller, more ladylike variety, and Kors has a great selection, all of which are affordably priced. You can have several, in different colors and finishes to suit your mood, or your outfit.

3. White Jeans

When it comes to white jeans, I like them crisp and tailored. 

To quote Kors ” Throw them on with a black tshirt, and its instant Jackie Onassis, all year round”

image courtesy 9th Gate Consulting

The cut is everything though – especially for those of us with more curves than straight lines on our frame.

The wrong cut on a curvy girl can leave her looking like a giant marshmallow.

4. An Oversized Saddle-Colored Bag

I would add to this, with a long shoulder strap. There’s something so fabulous about an oversized, slouchy bag that sits just right against your body and moves with you when you walk.

If the shoulder strap is too short it can make your torso look chunky, but if you are wide at the hips you want to adjust it a little above or slightly below.

When buying an oversized bag be sure to look in the mirror and see how it sits against your body.

There’s something very rock n roll about about them, they are effortlessly, timelessly cool, and they just look better and better as they get a bit more beaten up and aged.

5. Dry Oil

A matted down, overly powdered face never looks fresh and glowy – it looks old and flat.

Dry oils give the skin a gorgeous, youthful, dewy sheen, and make the face look alive.

Kors says he has neer had a powdered, matte looking girl on any of  his runway show, or in any of his ads.

6. A Tailored Coat.

the ever fabulous Vicky B in an LBD paired with an immaculately tailored coat

I would add: or a super tailored jacket.

Kors loves the “front row calling card” – at runway shows all you notice in the front row are the coats and the sunglasses.

You can dress up absolutley anything with a  tailored coat, from yoga pants to jeans to a dress. The key is to get a timeless style, rather than becoming a slave to the latest trend.

For me, my absolute most favorite thing I have ever owned in all the world is an totally killer tailored Dolce and Gabbana black jacket. I dress it up, dress it down, use it to sharpen any outfit. I always feel like a million dollars in it. It’s cut to work my body shape, will never date, and is so well constructed it will last forever.

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