Aaaaand Then I Wound Up On Another Movie….

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks.
To say the least.
I had to turn down going to NYFW with the blog because I was already fully booked in makeup-land.
Who even does that???
I was crushed, but nonetheless it’s great to be fully booked.

Then yesterday I got home from a full workday, ready to chill with a glass of wine, review NYFW, and write blogs, only to find I had a 30 minute turn around before I had to head out to a movie set.

I hadn’t planned on being on a movie right now, let alone shooting nights for a week (whilst working days on another gig), but somehow that’s just the life of a makeup artist. You never quite know what will happen next.

And so my planned blogs have to be put aside, and hopefully I will find things OK to post from movie-land.

In the meantime it looks like a homeless person is living in my car. The back seat is seeing all kinds of action right now! Makeup chairs and set bags, warm weather clothes and cold weather clothes – even though the days here are beautiful right now, the nights are cold enough to wear snow jackets, hats and scarves. The trunk is full of makeup cases and after shooting in the desert until the wee hours of the morning, my formerly gleaming black steed is now covered in dust.

It’s all worth it though. I maybe exhausted, but it’s endless fun!


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