The Glorious Tatcha Indigo Collection

Luxury Skin Care brand Tatcha recently released 

it’s new Indigo Collection.

I was incredibly lucky to receive these magnificent products recently, and am completely infatuated with them.

The Indigo Collection really is a beauty breakthrough. These high performance products are the antidote to irritated winter skin, but also to any skin that just needs or desires superlative loving.
I am only ever interested, both professionally and personally, in skin care products that show me an immediate, discernible difference. With these three glorious creams you both see and feel the magic on contact.

But before getting into the products themselves, the story behind their genesis is wonderful.

The Indigo plant has been long renowned for its skin healing properties. 

Tatcha founder, Victoria Tsai

Whilst traveling in Japan Tatcha founder Victoria Tsai  discovered a 200 year old book containing the timeless beauty rituals of the geisha. The book delved into the deeply soothing and calming power of the indigo plant, and its use in enhancing the beauty of the complexion.
 During the Edo Period (1603-1867) Japan’s noble Samurai wore a layer of indigo-dyed cotton under their armor to help the healing of injured skin, which in turn earned the color the nickname ‘Samurai Blue”.

A lifetime later the wife of a Japanese Indigo grower rediscovered the ancient healing magic of the plant while researching ways to calm her husband’s lifelong skin ailment. Passed down from generation to generation, the family continues to grow and harvest organic Indigo today on their farm which is perched on the Yoshino River. The river floods annually, enriching the soil with rare and wonderful nutrients.

The Tatcha Indigo Collection marries the anti-inflammatory power of natural, organic Japanese Indigo with the hydrating and nourishing power of liquid silk, and gives us this extraordinary set of three products.

The Indigo Soothing Silk Hand Cream is a must for chapped, dry or  irritated skin. It provides instant relief to skin that is sore, and luxe hydration to hands that just want to be pampered.

The Tatcha Soothing Silk Body Butter gives an all over silky finish to the skin. Not too heavy or greasy, and not too light, this truly luxurious product leaves even the most irritated skin soft and smooth.

The Tatcha Indigo Soothing Renewal Treatment softens and soothes any skin. Especially wonderful for skin that is inflamed or irritated (anything from dermatitis to eczema) chapped or dried out, suffering from winter weather. This wonder cream is also magnificent for summer skin that is feeling sunburned or wind burned.
It’s also a divine reward for skin that just loves to feel loved.

The Tatcha Indigo Collection products are all an exquisite sky blue shade of indigo, that melts away to invisible as the cream absorbs into the skin.

The high performance, decadent luxury, and superb packaging of the Indigo Collection makes the items a divine gift idea, as well as a beauty must have.

You can find the Tatcha Indigo Collection online at

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