New Florals ~ How To Spend It Magazine

I am just completely beside myself over this one!


I always obsess over Damian Foxe’s amazing editorials in the Financial Times’ How To Spend It Magazine.

The pairing of Damian with photographer Andrew Yee 

is one of the most fascinating collaborations in 

contemporary editorials. 

They never ever fail to provide a visual banquet.

My July has been a mad work marathon of endless fashion editorials, ad campaigns and lifestyle shoots,

and today is my first chance all month to really take time to

catch up on the fabulous world of international editorials,

so am just now stumbling (deliriously) upon this work of art,

not only styled by Damian Foxe, but photographed by him too. 

I had no idea he was a lensman!


Foxe’s brilliance lies in the fact that a story about summer floral fashion is essentially not exciting at all.

To a degree it’s like an essay on kitten heels.

And yet. And yet.

In Foxe’s hands it becomes mesmerizing.

Maddeningly so.

His casting of Anushka Stupakoff, Mariah Morrison and 

Lucy Gascoyne is brilliant. The addition of hair stylist 

Francome Painter and Makeup artist Marco Antonio

is the final perfect touch.

I beyond love this.

I can’t stop looking at it.

And I never pay attention to florals…

New Florals










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