Kiera Knightley Goes Topless For Interview Magazine

 Interview Magazine has 6 different covers to celebrate the September 2014 Issue.
One of them stars Kiera Knightley shot by Patrick Demarchelier, sporting a very sexy mop of wet hair.
The combination of those eyes and the wet hair is quite captivating, don’t you think?

Kiera-Knightley-By-Patrick-Demarchelier-Interview Magazine-Cover

In the accompanying story Kiera interviews Demarchelier, which gives a fun twist,
and of course Patrick shot these gorgeous images of her. 
You can read the article here
I don’t remember the last time I saw her look so totally stunning.
Normally I think she looks far too underfed and emaciated, but here I think she just looks spectacular.

Kiera-Knightley-By-Patrick-Demarchelier-Interview Magazine-01

Kiera-Knightley-By-Patrick-Demarchelier-Interview Magazine-02

Kiera-Knightley-By-Patrick-Demarchelier-Interview Magazine-03

Kiera-Knightley-By-Patrick-Demarchelier-Interview Magazine-04

Kiera-Knightley-By-Patrick-Demarchelier-Interview Magazine-05

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