The Kate Moss Left Breast Coupe

I adore Kate Moss.
She has done some pretty wild and wonderful things in her lifetime,
but this newest one may just be the most outlandish of them all.


To celebrate 25 years of Kate Mayfair restaurant 34 has modeled a champagne coupe on her left breast.

Legend has it that the first champagne coupe ever created was modeled on Marie Antoinette’s left breast, and this served as the inspiration for artist Jane McAdam Freud when she designed the Kate Coupe.

Champagne-Coupe-Modeled -On-Kate-Moss'-Left-Breast

And how totally rock n roll is she in those killer gold Jim Morrison pants??? They are so totally her. Totally.

There is a part of me that hopes Johnny Depp goes to 34 and drinks himself halfway into a Kate-Coupe-Champagne-Coma. I just loved those two together, even though it was a lifetime ago…

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