10 Things I Love About Fall

I live in a hot place. 

A very hot place.

Summer here in the desert can be brutal so every year when fall arrives it lands like a gift. The kind of gift that leaves you giddy and a little drunk with excitement.

This year in Phoenix we are not having an extended summer rolling on into October, instead we have a perfect new season for real, all soft skies soft air, and soft light. It’s magic!

To celebrate the loveliness of it, here are my 10 favorite things about fall, in no particular order.

Deep, dark lips. 


Big, chunky sweaters

Chunky knits from The Row, Fall 2014


Jimmy Choo Boots, Fall 2014

Jimmy Choo Boots

Dark nails

Pumpkin soup.

Actually any and all soups. But I’m making pumpkin soup this weekend.

Trees changing

I never used to be a scarf person, but now I love them.


Smudgey, moody eye makeup

Charlotte Tilbury Makeup

Furry coats

Gucci Furry Coat, Fall 2014

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